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Be Mindful of GDPR Implications and the Propagation of Risk

Wednesday 14/Nov/2018

Echez Group

GDPR and similar regulations are becoming an increasing risk for companies that are digitally transforming across the world. Micro-services only increase the complexity of complying with these regulations since they propagate the risk associated with data management and privacy protection.
Each new cloud service/vendor added to your IT infrastructure must be carefully evaluated in terms of their data management policies and warranties. Once clearance and compliance has been secured with these new vendors, they must be incorporated and maintained in the cyber surveillance plan companies must have in place. Micro-decisions tend to overlook or ignore data protection regulations as these are complex, cumbersome and take long to validate, hence, negatively impacting the rapid pace these decisions demand.
Always ensure you include data protection verifications in your due diligence process when deciding on new cloud services.