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Growth Pivoted on Value

Tuesday 16/Oct/2018

Echez Group

“Long term relationships are always rooted on trust, ethics, humbleness, professionalism and truth.”

Recently we announced the expansion of our offices in Philippines. This important change marks a new round of enhancements and revamped positive impact for our customers in Asia. While traveling to the region for the new office’s inauguration, I recalled when we first opened our office in Malaysia back in 2013. It was February, right after the Chinese new year celebration, and Malaysia received us with all the gloom and expectation of brining our best practices and success to a region. I will always be grateful to our Malaysian customers for the opportunity to open our first Asian office in their country.

Since then, we have further expanded in the region and now we have sites in several Asian countries attending all SEA countries, Australia and New Zealand. This roadmap has come with wonderful gratifications and many challenges too. Fortunately, our seasoned team has endured and overcame every obstacle in our path. Our sustained growth allowed us bring services to the region in Software Asset Management and Compliance, Digital Transformation support, Brand Protection, Market Research, and IT Managed Services. Echez is fully committed with bringing impactful value to companies in Asia through these services while exercising our practice as trusted and knowledgeable professionals with strong ethics and a solid/proven business practice.

In a consistent manner, across all the 43 countries where we currently run operations, we observe the tremendous need for expert advice and managed services to support companies in their digital transformation journey. In most of the cases, and more noticeable in SMB, the need starts with understanding what the initial steps are and what are the highest priorities that will boost and modernize the business. How a dynamic and hybrid environment will impact how decisions are made and how services are implemented and integrated. 

After working with thousands of companies globally, Echez has gained a substantial insight on these challenges and how to address them. Surely more customers will continue finding value on our services in both Asian and other markets.