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Mid- or Long-Term Plan is still Needed

Tuesday 23/Oct/2018

Echez Group

A set of micro-decisions does not immediately add up to an effective macro-decision. Here is where the real danger lies for digitally transforming businesses. Although micro-decisions allow for rapid adjustments to an implementation and market trends variation, successful businesses need a minimum grade of planning and strategizing. Mid- or long-term strategies are needed for a business sustainability. Hence, decisions must be made with a clear general vision in place. Even lean and agile companies need these broader views on their business to thrive. Micro-decisions are counterproductive to long-term visions if not carefully and properly articulated in a well-structured plan. Companies tend to fail in digitally transforming their business due to poor planning and by overlooking this change in the decision-making process. 

Micro-services and micro-decisions are increasingly becoming the norm. Company decision makers must embrace these new paradigms while exercising sound and responsible long-term planning. The beauty of the benefits that come with adopting the cloud lures business into deciding on and implementing tactical cloud solutions (micro-decisions/services) that oftentimes lead to failure, disappointment, over expenditures, or significant disruption in business continuity. Make sure you dedicate time and analysis to your next move to the cloud.