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The Market is Varied

Monday 08/Oct/2018

By Echez Group

It is very likely that you, as an IT decision maker, are either considering to or embarked on digitally transforming your business. Certainly, the fierce competition and an urge for higher business efficiencies have been strong catalyzers for deciding on adopting cloud-based technologies. There is no easy path to making decisions on these new technological solutions and, after deciding, the course of action varies per company. Every day new, varied, and more specialized (read: complex) offerings emerge. This situation increases the difficulty to find the right solution and a proper subscription model for the company’s strategic plan. Some IT leaders consider that having multiple options is good while other struggle finding a proper way for comparing the numerous alternatives and concluding on the ideal one for their business. 

This increasing trend on variety and specialization resulted in a proliferation of micro-services. These micro-services are short-termed and need-centric, oftentimes leading to a significant amount of micro-decisions equally short in scope. Even though our current society has become much more prone to short-term satisfaction and fast-paced information consumption, this behavior does not translate equally effectively into the business world; at least, not at the same pace. Businesses are just starting to fully realize the potential and need for digitally transforming, let alone realize that their decision-making process must radically change too.