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Your Cybersecurity Strategy Must Change

Wednesday 07/Nov/2018

Echez Group

In the case of micro-decisions/services, Cybersecurity becomes an important challenge. In the past, in an on-premises environment, a company could easily isolate itself from the internet and prevent cyber-attacks or significantly reduce their exposure while addressing any present infiltration. As companies gradually move important systems to the cloud, their capacity to isolate from the Internet is reduced, likewise, their capacity to prevent cyber-incidents. For example, if an employee’s corporate credentials are compromised, several cloud services could be jeopardized, and the infiltration could rapidly spread given the limited opportunity to isolate the systems from the internet. Given that several urgent actions are triggered to reduce the impact of the breach, time and control become critical.
The problem resides in that most of the time and control oftentimes depend on third parties (ex.: cloud providers or resellers). Under the initial on-premise scenario, an IT professional would sever the Internet and run actions internally until the problem is resolved. Here is where micro-decisions that are disarticulated or disconnected from a longer-term plan affect the fundamentals of IT security in a company. In addition, micro-services increase the complexity of the reaction plan in the event of a problem.