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Business Analytics

Our Solutions

We have developed a world-class process that collects, analyzes and interprets market information. Within this process we provide: databases, customized accounts profiling based on customer’s requirements, propensity score analysis and executive information dashboards (BI) for making strategic decisions.

Market Research


The database is completed. The Profiling Service consists of three different stages.

Prospect Generation

The Prospect Generation service consists of generating a set of accounts based on customer needs. We start from scratch and we deliver a qualified database.

Leads Generation

The Leads Generation is a full generation service of a set of leads based on the customer needs. We start from scratch ending with delivery of a qualified database.

Propensity Analysis

A Propensity Analysis consists of: taking advantage of market behaviors, the industry segments, geography, culture; and, macro economic variables, etc. Knowing which customers are most likely to participate and convert initially, the results will be forthcoming.

Macro Market Research

Through the Macro Market Research product, we support companies to understand the market before starting a new project. This will help the companies to make strategic decisions, to reduce risks and to increase the chances of success. Our customers will be able to work on a strategic solution with the market analysis provided by Echez.


We have developed a SPEED UP solution which supports companies to follow up with a filtration process. SPEED UP is aimed to match different databases to include or exclude data. A set of variables can be defined to follow the matching process.

Phone Validation

Solution to verify leads (phone number) through phone validation process in order to improve effectiveness in customer contact during the campaign execution process.


Analytics and BI Advisory

End-to-end Analytics development and implementation advisory for IT companies.

Retina - Analytics and BI Implementation

Specific customized tool solutions in analytics for IT companies.

R2R (Arthur)

Effective dataset matching for transaction recognition through advanced text analysis and transactional rules.

Web Crawler

Solution that integrates crawling technologies focused on finding information in the web and the scraping processes and scripts that take place to extract specific information from the source code of a given website, either through coding or the impersonation of a human user.

SOD - Smart Opportunity Designation

SOD is a SMART Bidding solution to assign Opportunities, in order to increase transparency, control, efficiency and increase operations volume.


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